Saturday, August 20, 2011


Reference Goes without saying since I’m not the best spellerer out there :D (yeah, that one was on purpose). Same site as the one above, just a direct link to the thesaurus part.  Don’t bother to look up undead – no results found. An un-shameful plug for the other blog site I started with Jynnipher thanks to the above thesaurus not having undead.  It will be a constant work in progress so send any comments to have words added. No clue who made this site, but I like it.  There are several other sites similar out there but this one just stuck with me.  I like the lists of male & female first names.  It is helpful when you realize you want a name with a particular first letter. You know it - Erotic Thesaurus, though it has words that will not make you blush unless you are already in that mindset. For when the clinical term just won’t do. Do not let the name fool you, this is a ‘Dictionary of Sexual Terms and Expressions’.  Have fun my romance peeps. Yes, it is wiki and I do have this list saved.  Not a bad list of powers that can be used for paranormal, sci fi and fantasy types.

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