Saturday, August 20, 2011

Make Yourself Known

Sharing your information  Sure most people won’t think about this, but if you have a group of trusted peeps you want to offer them your book to read, but do not want to send an actual file, you can use the lovely Google docs to share. Lots of people on here, and many that send out multiple helpful links.  Take with a grain of salt and refer HERE to my twitter post. Yes it has not been updated in a while, yet it has great hints and tips for code.  It saved my arse when I could not remember.  Check out the FAX and About section before or after you click on the list of participants.  An idea by a writer with three other participants went into for a quick sample of their work.  Each Sunday head here after 9am and you will find a list of participants and links to their six (I’ll be listed under Laura the Jane if I have a post that week).

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