Monday, August 15, 2011

Holy crap, I'm in love

Yes hubby, I luuuvvvve you.  But this post is referring to a chick.  I don't remember what I was Googleing today, but all I can recall is coming across this one link, and it had me cracking up.  Marewolf is blogging about writing as she's writing.  A must read, not only for the humor but the helpful hints.

The Ten Commandments of Beginnings PART ONE!

Ten Commandments of Beginnings, Part Deux

The First Plot Point aka the Doorway of DOOM!

Inciting What? such classy stuff there

Before continuing, she detours us to She Said, He Said at Kiersten Writes

The Ten Commandments of Dialogue - Part One 

Ten Commandments of Dialogue - Part Two

So, you've written the beginning of a novel - good for you!  Now what?

Tips for Sludging through the Middle

Quick and Dirty tip on Characters

Grrr...arg... editing

Ten Commandments of Creating Effective Scenes Part One & Ten Commandments of Creating Effective Scenes...part two!  the names says it all

What I'm Doing Right Now all about the plotting

What Kind of Writer Are You, Anyways? Marewolf goes into writing styles

Transitions (not to be confused with transvestites...) getting the story to move along

Writers Block:  Or How I learned to Stop Whining and Embrace the Pain there was no way I could avoid the post titles - awesome stuff

Delayed Gratification and Making It Work For You good stuff about keeping the reader's hooked to the end - mostly about romance but it will get the point across to any genre

Raising the Stakes (not the pointy kind...) the 'why do our characters do what they do'

Ten Commandments of Creating Characters Who Don't Totally Suck (my fav is #4 with the puppy comment)

The Downward Spiral and the Second Plot Point

And in the End... we are almost there!!!

The 8 Stages of Drafting total lmao stages of when the first draft is done.

Revisiting.  Rewriting.  Revision part the one.  THE BIG STUFF!!! 


  1. You made me blush!!! (admittedly, not a very difficult task). I'm very glad you found my posts useful, sometimes I wonder if I make any sense at all :)

    Thank you for the shout out and it's really nice to meet you! And now I shall go stalk you on twitter :P

  2. I still feel so very new and unsure about my writing, that I don't dare give out any personal tips. The only thing I feel comfy about is surfing the net for info, and my bullshit meter that was flat-lined at your site. Awesome mix of humor and tips - exactly what I want my blog to collect these quick links to and have other writer's visit.

  3. Oh and stalk away - can't be any worse then what I do to some poor agents. I'm sure a group of us can do some Fanboys movie on writing & super agents.