Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh no, not another blogger!

Yes, another blogger!  So what is my goal here?  Do I want to amaze you with my cookie baking skill, my prime parenting, or dog walking abilities?  Maybe if I had those skills yes, but I don't.  What I do have is a love of books.

Back in 2009, I read 219 books.  I read all of Charlaine Harris, Laurell K Hamilton, Christine Feehan, and I can keep this list going forever.  Taking 4-6 books at a time from the library each week confirms that I can I read fast, yes, do I retain every bit of information?  Not exactly, but I enjoy reading and getting involved in the stories.  Then it hit me in January 2010 - my little notebook of authors I had finished each of the series I was into and now was waiting for the new books to be released.  Talking to my BFF Jynnipher (love her - decades of friendship here and she's a must follow ), I admitted that I had a story idea that was running in my head for the past few years.  I like vampires but not happy how everyone portrays them.  Honestly, do they all have secret lairs and fight the bad vampires?  So I started my first book, then I was almost completed at 70k+ words later and as I thought about the next book in the series, I decided to rewrite book one.  So I did, I rewrote book one and hauled arse to get it complete before the 2010 National Novel Writing Month challenge.  November 2nd I finished the reworked first book and Nov 3rd I began the second book. 
Since this time, I have completed the second book, edited the first book, edited the second book, and started a *few* other projects.  I’m sure Jynn and LA, my ever faithful writing sounding boards, are laughing at few.  You see I have 11 other story ideas with word counts that range from a 28 word ‘She’s this and he’s that’ blurb to two 33,498 words of a different idea.  Since January 2010 I have written (drumroll) 287,867 words into documents, subtract the 4 books I’ve been working on for the vampire storyline and you have 124,204 words that are not fang related.  All the books so far have been romance genre well except one, my YA apocalyptic novel that has some romance elements but nothing like the others.  I am sending out queries on the first book while working on whichever character is knocking the loudest on my brain to get out onto the paper.  April 2011 I took my notebook of authors and series and I made a page with my own books and listed the word count as I shed a tear over the joy.

In this time, I have found a collection of helpful writing links, from word counts suggestions for genres, tips for making your character’s voice sing through the pages, and some flaws.  I’m positive there are thousands of other links I am missing, but I will try and give you a list of what I refer to and why, You have my solemn blogging vow that I will try and help you with the sites that have helped me.  I will also attempt to get in on this #sixsentence Sunday theme for writers and I look forward to feedback!  And yes for reference, the dog with her tongue sticking out is the family dog Lori.

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